Family communication and dialogue

Through dialogue, parents and children get to know each other better, they know above all their respective opinions and their ability to verbalize feelings, but the information obtained through conversation will never be more extensive and transcendent than that acquired through coexistence.

For this reason, it transmits and educates much more the coexistence than the verbalization of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are intended to be instilled. On the other hand, all dialogue must contain the possibility of reply.

Depending on the words we address to children, we can communicate an attitude of listening or, on the contrary, of ignorance and inattention. There is even a typology of parents based on the answers they offer to their children.

The predisposition to pick up the other's argument and admit that it may not coincide with one's own is one of the basic conditions for the dialogue to be viable. If you start from different levels of authority, there will be no dialogue.

The ability to dialogue is based on the self-confidence of each one of the interlocutors. It must be borne in mind that the family is a capital reference point for the child and the young person.

Within the family it is possible to learn to dialogue and, with this capacity, to favor attitudes as important astolerance, assertiveness, dialectical ability, the ability to admit mistakes and tolerate frustrations.

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