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Mommy, how beautiful you are - taken care of on Christmas Eve

Mommy, how beautiful you are - taken care of on Christmas Eve

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Baking gingerbread, general cleaning, preparing Christmas decorations with the children - all this is carefully planned and at the same time often very labor-intensive, to make it perfect on Christmas Eve. But will the mother with the baby in her arms find all the time to work on her appearance? Because it is nice to hear how household members praise not only a beautifully laid table, but also a beautiful, laughing mother. It will probably not be easy, but if we develop a plan of self-care in advance, we will not waste too much time and the effect will be dazzling.

7 days to Christmas Eve:

Shop windows tempt not only with Christmas Eve, but also New Year's Eve outfits. If you plan to put on a more outdoor outfit both on Christmas Eve and on New Year's Eve, the last bell is to darken the skin. Summer is long over and the skin is covered with flour-white skin. You can easily go to Christmas Eve twice more on the solarium to brush the skin with a little darker color or at home darken the skin gradually with a bronzing balm or self-tanner. If every day we carefully massage the bronzing balm into the body, then on Christmas Eve we will enjoy a light tan.

6 days to Christmas Eve

This is a time especially devoted to cleaning up and buying presents, but equally good to take care of your hair.
If you are planning a visit to the hairdresser, it is best to do it right now, there are not many queues yet, and the hairstyle will manage to "recover" for several days. No matter if it will be coloring or cutting, it's best not to risk just before Christmas Eve. If you are not planning a visit to the hairdresser, and the growths on your hair are calling for help themselves, this is also a very good time to give them the right color, but also to nourish them well. All masks and proper nutrition of the scalp will be recommended. When we do not have ready conditioner at hand, just crush the banana with two tablespoons of oil, apply to the hair and rinse after about 20 minutes. If you are planning to visit a beautician, e.g. for cleansing your face, do not wait any longer, because the skin needs rest, and these few days are the minimum for redness and irritation to go away.

5 days to Christmas Eve

Hands after washing windows become chapped and nails broken, so it's time to especially strengthen them and prepare for further "shock" of Christmas cleaning. In the evening, just before bedtime, it is worth doing a manicure, cutting cuticles, filing nails, painting with conditioner and massaging nourishing cream and finally put on cotton gloves for the night.

It is also good to leave half a lemon close to the sink during Christmas cleaning, and each time you wet your hands, wipe them dry and then massage in a few drops of lemon juice. Let's not forget about the feet, they have a lot of work ahead of Christmas Eve, running around the stores, standing in the kitchen while preparing dishes, so you need to take care of them so that they do not rebel.

It is worth soaking your feet in warm water with the addition of sea salt, which will nourish and refresh your feet. A decent pedicure, especially the removal of calloused epidermis on the heels is highly recommended. Finally, remember to massage the nourishing cream, and if your legs are tired and sore after a whole day, you just need an alternating shower, once with warm and cold water, will improve circulation and reduce swelling.

4 days to Christmas Eve

A very hot preparation time begins and a lot of hard work, it will be difficult to rest for a while, but if we want to look good, we need to think about it earlier, because there are no miracles and nothing works right away. Today is the day for the face and body. A thorough facial and body scrub is particularly important. The next step is to put a mask on the face properly selected for the face (all you have to do is beat the egg white rigidly, apply to the skin and wash off with lukewarm water after about 15 minutes) and pat a good body lotion. Let's not fool ourselves, once is not enough, you need to repeat these treatments at least once before Christmas Eve, so that the skin revives again.

3 days to Christmas Eve

Gifts bought and packaged are waiting to be picked up by Santa's helpers, so you can breathe a moment and face excessive hair growth. Regardless of the method of depilation (wax, depilator, shaver) you have to remember to do it carefully, because later there may be no time for corrections. Particular attention should be paid to the places that will be exposed, armpits and legs, because, however, the depilated body looks unsightly. After each depilation, good body hydration is recommended!

2 days to Christmas Eve

The last cleaning at home is coming to an end, baking cakes begins and time for final shopping. Already after these few days you can see signs of fatigue. Let's take a moment to care for eyebrows and eyelashes and the look will immediately appear expressive. If you are planning to darken your eyebrows, it's about time (regardless of whether you are having a cosmetician's treatment or at home) to make henna, there are a few days left to possibly rinse off too strong color. At the end, the eyebrows are carefully adjusted and the appearance improves immediately. If the skin after epilation is swollen, ice cube massage will help. Remember to tint the eyebrows with henna first, and then adjust the shape, never the other way around!


Just before Christmas Eve, we are usually so busy that it will be difficult to find at least a moment of time just for ourselves. You have to look after the dishes, finally organize everything and take care of the child. But when the baby falls asleep in the evening, we close ourselves in the bathroom, warm, even a short bath will relax us, in the meantime you can do a whole body peeling, apply a mask on your face, improve your manicure, and shortly before Christmas Eve paint your nails with colored varnish.


From the morning bustle in the kitchen, children and husband decorate the Christmas tree, and mother should take care of her hair. All you have to do is wash them, apply an instant conditioner, dry your hair and roll it up if necessary. There is not much time for intricate laying, and the application of thick rollers takes only a moment, in addition, the hair will not disturb us at work, and in the evening will be like after a visit to the hairdresser. A few minutes before Christmas Eve, when the dishes are "coming", it is worth asking the household to cover the table. Meanwhile, mother should do careful makeup and paint her nails.

It's best to buy a quick-drying varnish beforehand, which is enough to paint your nails and make-up during drying. Applying cream and a good foundation is the basis. Another moment for mascara of eyelashes twice, brush of cheeks with blush and lipstick. Finally, remove the rollers from the hair and spray the villi with varnish.

Happy family holidays!


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