Tricks to reduce breast tenderness in pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many discomforts that can affect the body of the pregnant woman. Vaginal pain due to the weight of the abdomen, fluid retention or changes in the hair and skin are the most common. However, there are other types of annoyances such as tenderness in the chest, which can also become painful. Hormones and weight gain can lead to a rise in bra size, which can cause discomfort. In we found the solution to the sensitivity of the pregnant woman's breasts.

- Comfortable bras. Breast tissue increases in pregnancy, which means that the breasts swell considerably, being something natural in pregnancy, and that can be similar to premenstrual syndrome. The additional weight of the pregnant woman and the hormonal changes, as well as the preparation of the body for the arrival of the baby make go up to two breast sizes throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, it is advisable to choose another type of bras.

The first thing is to choose a cotton braDo not wear earrings because that lifts the chest but it can also be more annoying in the lower area of ​​the breasts and also in the nipples. It is also advisable to wear underwear that do not have too thin straps, but are much wider and firmer, since they will hold the new chest size much better.

- Baggy clothes. Being pregnant does not mean giving up tight clothing, but when you have chest pain due to its sensitivity, it is more advisable to go for loose cotton clothing that does not squeeze the affected area.

- Do not sleep on your stomach. As in the days before menstruation, many women cannot sleep on their stomachs due to breast pain. In pregnancy, the skin in this area gives way, the veins are much more visible and there may be changes in the areola of the nipples. That is why it is more advisable to sleep on your back or on your side, since this way the sensitivity and pain will not be as intense.

- Cold water compresses. If the pain due to the sensitivity of the breasts is too much, a solution may be the cold water compresses in the area in question. Normally, you can also feel a constant tingling in the chest, which is caused by the increased blood flow, and this can be reduced by cold compresses, or a towel soaked in water for a few minutes. Can also be good apply warm water with the shower faucet making circles on each breast to end the tingle and the extra weight on the chest.

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