The suitcase to give birth in the hospital

The time of delivery is approaching and it is convenient to organize the suitcase that you will have to take to the maternity, with everything you need both for you and to receive the baby.

It is advisable not to leave this task until the last minute since you could give birth before the expected due date, or if you organize it when the contractions have already started, you could forget an important element.

Throughout your pregnancy, you will have been gathering papers related to your pregnancy: the different analytics with their results, the baby's ultrasound, the latest monitor tests or the result of the exudate.

It is recommended that you keep all this in the same folder where you will also have to enter your national identity document, your health card, the insurance certificate in case of going to a private clinic and the family book.

Tell your partner where the folder is so that when the time comes he can take care of it and do not forget it. The healthcare staff will be able to proceed with more agility if you give them the entire history of your pregnancy.

You may be given a nightgown from the hospital itself by the time of delivery, but most clinics let the mother put on her own clothes after the baby is born.

What you should consider when packing is that the clothes are comfortable. You will spend two or three days in the hospital and people will come to see you, this may make you opt for a very colorful but impractical nightgown. You should bring two nightgowns, a robe, slippers and socks. Nightgowns must have an opening in the front to allow you to breastfeed without problems. The short sleeve is more practical since you will have a route and also may take your tension during your stay in the hospital.

Don't forget to bring one or two nursing bras and padsAlthough the first few days you will only produce colostrum and the rise in milk will not yet have arrived. It is also advisable that you bring disposable panties and compresses, although the latter are usually provided by the clinic.

As for hygiene products, in many maternity hospitals they provide the mother with a toiletry bag with gel, shampoo and cream. You can find out before, but otherwise prepare a bag with gel, shampoo, tissues, moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, hairbrush and a scrunchie. If you are flirtatious, you can also add a blush and a lip gloss to have a better appearance.

Among the items that may be useful: phone and charger, camera and glasses or contact lenses if you use them.

Do not wear rings, watches, bracelets or other types of jewelry, they will hinder you to be able to hold the baby well and put it on the breast. And finally, don't forget to pack clothes for your hospital discharge when you are discharged.

In many centers they put the baby's own maternity clothes as soon as he is born, although then they let you dress him in the clothes you have chosen. It is convenient that you take two or three cotton bodysuits, suits or pajamas, a hat to prevent loss of temperature as soon as you are born and mittens to prevent the baby from scratching if he has long nails, socks, clothes to take home, a blanket or swaddle, and diapers.

Some parents like the idea of ​​bringing a gift from the newborn for their older brother or siblings and that they receive it without so much suspicion.

If you are going to return home by car from the maternity, don't forget the approved baby seat already installed in the car.

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