Lower taxes for single mothers

Soon we will settle accounts with the tax office. If you are raising a child alone, do not forget to show this in your annual return. You can save up to several thousand zlotys. Additionally, this year you can take advantage of the discount for a child in the amount of PLN 1112. The rules for settlement of discounts will change next year.

To take advantage of the discount, however, you must submit a PIT tax return on time. If you are late by even one day, you can say goodbye with additional funds. In this way you can recover from 556 zlotys to even several thousand zlotys.

The provisions of the Act allow single parent which exceeded the income of PLN 85,528 to benefit fully from the 18% rate. Without having to pay a higher amount of 32%. A person who is single, a bachelor, a widow, a widower, a divorcee, a divorcee, a person who is separated, also a person whose spouse is imprisoned or has been deprived of parental rights is considered a single parent. Preferential taxes, however, cannot be used by persons in cohabitation.

Parents whose income is taxed with a flat or tonnage tax or on the basis of the Flat-rate Income Tax Act cannot take advantage of the preferential conditions.