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Bobini moisturizing bath foam chocolate with orange

Bobini moisturizing bath foam chocolate with orange

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I like good products at an attractive price. Where there is no need to overpay, I focus on cheaper substitutes (although this is not the best name). That is why I support the initiative to make children's bath lotions available at lower prices than competitive products. This is, for example, the case with Bobini bubble bath. For a large 400 ml, efficient packaging we will pay less than 10 zlotys. It's even twice less than for analogous products from other brands.

Lots of foam and a beautiful smell. These are the most important advantages of this product. What more could you want from bath foam? You can also mention moisturizing the skin. However, in this case I will not speak, because both my daughter and I have no problem with dry skin. I also don't know how sensitive skin will react to it. I know for sure what the manufacturer shares: that the fluid has been dermatologically tested, that it is mild, does not affect the natural protective barrier of the skin. The liquid has a friendly, neutral pH. In addition, the content of cocoa butter suggests that the liquid does not dry the skin.

The fluid is very efficient. A small amount gives quite a lot of foam.

It does not contain dyes, it is colorless. However, it smells delicious and perfectly relaxes and improves mood.

For children over a year - in my opinion - hit the spot.

The product is also available in the fragrance version: vanilla and coconut with coconut milk.


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