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Am I the only one who makes sandwiches to school? Is a sandwich at school embarrassing?

Am I the only one who makes sandwiches to school? Is a sandwich at school embarrassing?

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"Tell me, am I the only one making my child's sandwiches for school? Yesterday the son came home from school after the first day and said that he did not eat sandwiches because he was ashamed to take them out, because all the children had buns, donuts, wafers, croissants. I am shocked, are parents really just pushing sugar into their children? Is a healthy sandwich at school a shame? Beata

Teachers notice the same trend among students from year to year. The content of school breakfasts varies greatly. Next to boxes with chopped vegetables, whole grain sandwich, there are a lot of donuts, buns, candy bars and wafers. Some children do not bring sandwiches to school at all, but only a sweet roll or a wafer. Other students have both a sandwich and fruit, others take a sweet bar and chips to the sandwich. It is easy to observe the contents of school breakfast rooms, because in many schools children eat their first breakfast together in the rooms during a large break.

What can you pack healthy in the breakfast room?

  • sandwiches,
  • fruit salad
  • dried fruits,
  • nuts,
  • vegetables cut into sticks,
  • minimarchewki,
  • sweetened cereal bar,
  • kabanos,
  • Muffins with vegetables
  • vegetable wraps,
  • oat fritters,
  • Natural yogurt with nuts / fruit.

It is best to prepare the child for drinking water, less often fruit tea or juice.

The problem with sandwiches is that they are difficult to store in a backpack. The boxes are the best, but they take up a lot of space. Paper works much worse because a sandwich that has been in it for too long does not look appetizing. In addition, its "rich" version with tomato, cucumber or lettuce is rare, children complain that vegetables quickly become soft and tasteless. It is worth considering preparing a simple cheese sandwich, and give the vegetables to the child next to the version cut into stakes.

Why is it worth giving your child a healthy lunch for school?

Healthy eating habits are not a whim, it is a factor that has a specific impact on a child's health, well-being and intellectual development. Prevents many diseases, allows you to reduce the risk of getting even type II diabetes. It also reduces the likelihood of obesity. It's important to prevent problems and not treat them.

One in five school-age children in Poland is overweight or obese. Polish children gain weight the fastest in Europe. We are in the first place in the shameful ranking.

In addition, a healthy breakfast is fuel for the brain. Nourishes but does not distract. Eating sweet snacks instead of a nutritious sandwich causes that the amount of sugar in the blood increases dramatically so that the level decreases quickly. Effect? Irritation, fatigue, lethargy, and even aggression and the desire to reach for something sweet again. A child who eats junk food has worse learning conditions and healthy growth.

In addition, eating a sweet second breakfast and "cramming" yourself with chips usually ends so that the child does not eat lunch either at school or at home, and this can result in serious deficiencies and a decrease in immunity, thereby frequent illness.

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