Time for mom

My mother noticed that her milk changed from yellow to white overnight. It turned out that the reason is ...

Mom's milk is changing. Not only in the first weeks of life, when colostrum is formed, later transitional milk, and finally milk proper. The milk may also have a different composition during subsequent feeding on the same day. It also changes when the child is ill, as one of the mothers can see in the picture by publishing the picture online.

Ashlee Chase has shown that breastfeeding makes sense, even for an "older" 7-month-old baby, by publishing a photo of yellow milk produced during the baby's illness. For comparison, she also posted white milk a few days ago when her daughter was healthy.

Initially, the woman was concerned about the change in milk color. She consulted the matter with the pediatrician. He calmed her down, explaining that the change in milk color was related to fever, which is an ongoing infection in her daughter's body. Yellow milk contains more fat and antibodies that are supposed to speed up Ashlee's daughter's recovery.

Another proof of the perfection of nature ...