Becikowe not for everyone: the parliament passed an amendment to the act

The amendment to the act announced in the prime minister's expose was voted on. In 2013, not all couples will receive a beta. These will go to families with a monthly income per family member not exceeding PLN 1,922. Interestingly, MPs managed to vote, with a majority of votes, the proposal that the beta should belong to PLN 1,200 since 2013, and not as it was PLN 1,000. Currently, mother, father or full-time guardians of the child are entitled to the beck, regardless of their income. However, the Sejm voted an amendment that from 2013 will be only to those families in which the income per capita is lower than 1922 zlotys net.

From 2013, parents will be required to attach a statement or certificate documenting income when applying for becikowy. It will be verified every three years.

The advantage of one vote was the proposal of MP SLD that the bonus from 2013 should amount to PLN 1200 instead of the current PLN 1,000. However, Tusk announced that he would try to correct this "mistake", resulting from the absence of several deputies on Friday's vote.

And what do you say?