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"Your child's social skills"

The proposal to review this title aroused mixed feelings in me. Especially the subtitle "10 simple lessons on how to make friends and manage life".

I immediately thought - seriously? We need this type of guidebooks, so far we have managed without them, generations have grown up that are able to make and maintain contacts, is this not another unnecessary position?

However, the longer I thought about it, the more I read the topic of the guide, the more I was convinced that it might make sense.

Especially today - in a busy world, so dynamically changing, in which not only face-to-face contacts matter, but also internet communication, telephone conversations. This guide also focuses on a very important issue, which is the ability to make a good first impression, initiate and end a conversation. Emphasizes the role of gratitude in life, teaches how to give and receive gifts.

The advantage of this publication are not even theoretical fragments, but extensive sections devoted to practical exercises that can be arranged at home, in the form of entertainment on a daily basis.

In summary - this is not a necessary book, but useful. At a time when social skills are often limp, it can be invaluable.

Thank you to the Edgard Samo Sedno publishing house for sharing a review copy of the book.