Small child

5 things daddy is better than mom

Women's emancipation is progressing. We already know that we are not a weak sex. We know our value, we fight for ourselves, we give ourselves the right to a bit of selfishness. We do not want to be "domestic hens" and those of us who choose to "sit at home" can enforce the help of working husbands. We do not accept 24-hour jobs. It's healthy and encouraging. Unfortunately, by getting rid of stereotypes about us, we often cultivate those about men. One could say that in some areas we are building our own sense of value, diminishing the competence of men. This is the case with parenthood. We glorify motherhood. We love to talk about the power of motherly love, about the bond that connects us with children, about the fact that the mother is the most important person in the baby's life, and finally that nobody is able to replace the mother, but she can replace anyone. What about father Well, dear ladies, it's time to face the truth: no, even the greatest mother can replace a father's child. Indeed, in some situations, dad's care and company is best for the child.


This can be a surprise. Men are better at it. Of course, those who dare. Many men avoid participating in the care of newborns and infants like fire, considering that delicate women's hands will do better. Nothing could be more wrong! Dad won't hurt a child. Yes, it may be less careful and less accurate, which will result in, for example, splashing the eyes or face of the child, but this is not a problem. It turns out that such splashing can tame a toddler with water, and thus guard against the fear of rinsing hair or accidental ingress of water into the eyes. In addition, the father will give the child more freedom from the very beginning. Studies show that kids often bathe by dad faster and develop better.


Women are more easily affected by emotions. We can argue, but it's generally true. It is harder for us than men to remain calm in the face of danger or illness of a child. We know how easily our emotions are transmitted to the baby. Men are usually more composed. Therefore, they are better at putting children to sleep. Their peace will be as easy as their mother's emotions.

Creative fun

It is my mother who will teach you how to use a brush and a pencil, and read a fairy tale more beautifully. Mom will teach empathy for teddy bears and dolls. Dad, however, will propose more creative fun. All the "stupid things" that fathers do with children have tremendous power. Climbing on dad, coups, wrestling - it's nothing but improvement and development of psychomotor skills. Dad (as always), will also leave the child more freedom in play.

Learning self-confidence ...

Injuries, scratches and accidents happen much more often under the care of fathers. Gentlemen show a certain amount of nonchalance towards children, for which they often have to explain themselves, before the scared partner of another tumor. Yes, we women are more cautious. The problem is, it's often a little too much. We can't just let the child play freely - we always watch. We prohibit children from taking on challenges that we feel carry risks. Fathers contrary. They encourage the child to take up challenges (years of practice in hanging out in many ways make men assess the degree of danger and risk taken by the child more accurately from us), and thus, build a sense of confidence in the child. In addition, people capable of risking are not only adrenaline lovers, but also ... heroes.

... and assertiveness.

Mother gives beautiful values ​​to a child: how to be obliging, kind, helpful and empathic. The problem is that to be strong, independent and happy, a person needs a few "ugly qualities," and men are better at these. The easier comes the difficult art of refusing and thinking about yourself. Mothers often care too much about others. Fathers can teach a child assertiveness and a healthy dose of selfishness. Let them do it!