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Children's styles, i.e. talking about fashion and more

sosrodzice.pl: Blog is for you ...

Makóweczka or Lenka

Marlena Wróblewska: At the beginning he was a stepping stone from the mother's routine. Then he became an addiction, complementing the joy of motherhood.
Currently, it is also a job and a source of income. But I love him ... like a third child (smile)

Fashion, lifestyle, children's styles, right? Anything else?

M. W: Makoweczki is a parental (or parenting) blog. I started with the fashion of kids, but I felt quite closed in this convention.

Also, readers with numerous questions, suggesting topics, made me move more into the parent's lifestyle.

I noticed a rather interesting way to combine children's photo session with taking up parental topics ... So even if about other topics, is it still about stylizations?

M. W: Inquisitive eye (laughs).
To be honest, I don't know ... The blog is in the "transformers" phase. On the one hand, I am tempted by parental topics, I would like Makóweczki to become a place where one goes for knowledge on the subject of "circum-child". But I also love photos and fashion.
I think that in the coming months I will find the golden mean.

Where did the name makoweczki.pl come from?

Maczek and Makówka, i.e. Maks and Lenka

M. W: From the fairy tale "Makówki". The main characters are Maczek and Makówka. We used to say Maczek to our son - Maks, so when his baby sister was born, she was quickly hailed as "Makówka".
On the other hand, by setting up a blog, I hoped that we would be able to remain anonymous for some time. Unfortunately, in the comments, readers began to write about my children, using their real names, so conspiracy theory fell fairly quickly (smile)